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 Welcome to a short “About Me” page to let you know who I am.

My name is Nick Bachur and I was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. I now live in Maryland about halfway between Baltimore and York, Pennsylvania. This area is rural farmland and forest. The streets roll up at 6 p.m.

I love the outdoors. I love my wife Cindy. And I love my family and friends. Hopefully the feeling is reciprocal.

The name Bachur is Russian and Jewish and means young man. Nick is from my father and his grandfather from Belorussia. My grandparents are also from Poland, Germany, and Lithuania. I’m a proud American.

I’ve traveled far and wide over the world both for exploration and employment. That’s why I love America. Don’t get me wrong. I loved many other spots like South Africa, Singapore, Britain, Switzerland, Venezuela, Germany, and others. I just prefer living here. As others have said before me, “There is a wonderful smell that greets you when you land in the U.S. and they open the jet’s door. I think it is the smell of Freedom.”

My first job with a paycheck was as a Good Humor man. I think they are now extinct. What we did was drive a little ice cream truck, ring a bell, “kaching-a-jing-a-jing”, and sell popsicles or ice cream cones or half gallons or fudgesicles to kids from 1 to 99. I made around $500 a week but worked from 6 in the morning to 11 at night, 6 days a week.

Eventually I became an Electro-Optical Engineer specializing in lasers, spectroscopy, and imaging. Very interesting work, great pay and benefits, but typical corporate politics that would wake me up many a night.

It would be easy to keep on going and going. Let’s stop here though unless you have more questions. I’d love to elaborate but don’t want to bore you.

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